Weather in Sedona – It’s Fall Again

Current Weather and Forecast

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If you want to see what the weather looks like right now in Sedona, take a look through the Sedona webcam, and then make a list of what to do in Sedona while you’re here.

Typical Weather in Sedona

Weather in Sedona is mild and pleasant year round, contributing to its status as a world-renowned travel destination. Cooler than many other Arizona desert locations because of its altitude, typical Sedona weather consists of mild winters and dry, warm or hot summers, with more than a sprinkle of unpredictability.

The predictable patterns go something like this. Most of the time, it will be warm to hot, and likely sunny to overcast. Prime months for optimal weather in Sedona are generally considered to be October through the first weeks of November and late March through May. You will find people in shorts almost every month of the year, with the exception of colder days in December and January.

But don’t shy away from Sedona weather’s unpredictability. This is often when the glorious drama of nature is so strikingly revealed.

Snow in winter months is an event which creates an ephermeral wonderland of powdered sugar coating on the red rocks that melts within a few hours and brings even reluctant photographers out of hiding. Summer can be punctuated by monsoons, those brooding flash flood storms spawned by a sudden increase in humidity that cleanses and renews the landscape with hard but short-lived torrents of rain and lightning.

Additionally, Sedona’s microclimates–small areas that each have their own individual and distinct ideas about what the weather will be–can make a 10-minute journey across town an eclectic weather experience.


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