Sedona USA!

Where in the world is Sedona USA? And why the heck is it so special?

Ah, Sedona USA…magical place of great beauty and small town charm. It’s true, Sedona manages to be both cosmopolitan and quaint in the same fresh-air breath.

Located 90 minutes and 116 miles north of that sweltering hotbed called Phoenix, Arizona, Sedona USA is high desert…which is the best kind of desert to be. High desert means dry desert heat and fabulous sunny weather a majority of the year, but without the daunting, oppressive, step-into-an-oven intensity of the Valley.

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Why do we call it Sedona USA instead of Sedona, Arizona? Well, if you lived in Arizona, you’d understand. Sedona is almost like it’s own country, so unique is it to the Great State of Arizona. Sedona is said to contain a number of the earth’s important vortexes, which are engery centers, nestled in among its exquisite natural wonders.

Sedona, USA is visited by almost 5 million people a year from all over the world for a number of reasons, making it one of the most frequented vacation destinations in the Southwest.  And, even with competition like the Grand Canyon, it still manages to be one of Arizona’s most popular destinations. Here are some of the more obvious reasons…

Unparalleled Beauty

Situated at a 4500 foot elevation on the upper margin of the Sonoran Desert, Sedona’s redrock landscape of buttes, canyons and earth have transfixed the aesthetic senses of visitors, artists, photographers, event-holders and inhabitants for close to 100 years. People who see Sedona for the first time are prone to “Red Rock Fever,” a serious life-interrupting mental condition that causes people to return to Sedona again and again–and often to set down roots here.  It has also become of the most spectacular locations for a destination wedding.

Vortex Vivification

Sedona USA is famous for its New Age vibrations, due to the presence of confluences of geomagnetic energy called vortexes. The vortexes have magnetized spiritual seekers from around the world for higher consciousness experiences, healing energy, psyhic encounters and the numerous seminars, classes and workshops that are frequently given here.

Cowboys and Indians (or Is that Cowboys and Aliens?)

Backdrop to Hollywood Westerns, Sedona USA also has a rich cowboy and Indian history–both in real life and make believe. Made famous by the 1942 film, Call of the Canyon, based on Zane Grey’s epic novel, Sedona is a place that draws gunslinging aficionados, movie buffs and–oh yes–it’s also known as the UFO Capital of the World. Far out.

There’s no doubt you will find something to love about Sedona USA. It may be the great weather in Sedona, Sedona lodging options (which range from camping and cabins to world class resorts), dining at Sedona restaurants, checking out Sedona AZ real estate, hiking in Sedona or a number of fun Sedona AZ things to do.

Whatever it is, you’ll find some of the grooviest picks right here on Sedona USA.


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