Sedona USA!

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Where in the world is Sedona USA? And why the heck is it so special? Ah, Sedona USA…magical place of great beauty and small town charm. It’s true, Sedona manages to be both cosmopolitan and quaint in the same fresh-air breath. Located 90 minutes and 116 miles north of that sweltering hotbed called Phoenix, Arizona,(…)


What to Do in Sedona

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Want to know what to do in Sedona once you’re here? You’ll never be at a loss for things to do in and around the Sedona area. Sedona activities are as varied and plentiful as the landscape, with something for everyone. Get the best prices for land and sightseeing tours in Sedona from Ideas(…)


The Excentric World Local and National News

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Read Excentric World for an eccentric, tongue-in-cheek look at Sedona, Arizona. Inside the pages of The Excentric you’ll find cutting edge news, local insights, pithy humor, unusual explanations of UFOs and the paranormal, and much more…    VISIT THE EXCENTRIC WORLD NOW


Sedona AZ Real Estate

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A Desert Jewel Island Is a Great Investment No matter how long the economy takes to recover, the Sedona AZ real estate market is poised for full recovery sooner or later due to its unique supply and demand characteristics. And it will happen far sooner than the rest of the country, many thanks to Sedona’s(…)