The Refrain of Springtime

Put your coat on, take your coat off…

Springtime in Sedona is a time of beauty and contrast:
Cinnamon spires dusted in powdered sugar.
Daffodils glistening with diamond frost.
Big, fluffy snowflakes melting into sun-warmed earth.
A cholla cactus hiding under his soft, white blanket.
Put your coat on, take your coat off.

Springtime in Sedona is a place of beauty and contrast:
Midwesterners meditating in public venues.
People letting go only to end up with more.
The wealthy, the wise, the hopeful, the skillful,
the cloistered, the clutching, all blending into One.
Putting their coats on and taking their coats off.

Springtime in Sedona is beauty and contrast:
The new with the ancient, the inner, the outer,
the earth with the sky, the landscape and weather,
the people with each other.

Can you feel it issuing from the heart of a vortex?
From canyons and hotel rooms, retreat centers and campgrounds?
From cliff sides and balloon rides and gallery shops
as you’re putting your coat on and taking your coat off?

Go inside and listen and you, too, will hear it:
the refrain of Springtime from the spirit of Sedona,
whispering its wisdom, a word to the wise:

“Honor the land.
The earth is your Mother.
Be present.
And heed our advice:

If you want to be comfortable while visiting in Springtime,
Just dress in layers and you’ll be alright.”


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