Sedona Vacation Rentals

Sedona Vacation Rentals 0

Looking for a Sedona vacation rental while you’re visiting? If so, there are a few things to consider when looking for a Sedona vacation rental. Sedona vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes from cabins and timeshares to bed and breakfasts, furnished homes and luxury accommodations. Here are a few tips to make your rental(…)


Sedona is a Winter Wonderland

Sedona is a Winter Wonderland 0

What’s Winter like in Sedona? It’s not exactly bikini weather but it’s usually pretty wonderful in Sedona during Winter time. Not much wind and not too much rain, it’s like autumn in other parts of the country. Because of Sedona’s elevation temperatures at night sink down anywhere between  20 – 40 degrees.  If it does(…)